Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Handsom Boys!

It's been awhile since my last post and we have been busy busy busy. Ryan is doing excellent in school and me and the boys are trying to stay busy. Ryan is preparing for the Boards in June along with his normal studies for this semester. He is very dedicated and it is paying off. He is doing very well in school! I had a great birthday surprise from Ryan. He bought me a ticket to Utah for my 29th birthday and it was filled with events that he planned for me. So I packed up the boys and off we went. I loved being able to celebrate my birthday with my Mom and to be with my family. We had a wonderful Christmas break and enjoyed our time with Ryan between semesters. My sister came to visit for a weekend in January and we went to two Colorado Eagles hockey games and stayed the night in Loveland/Ft. Collins. Jess' good friend, Mike Mole is the goalie for the Eagles so he got us tickets and we went to a couple of his games. We had a BLAST!!! Rafe loves hockey and Finn enjoyed it too. They both dance to the music that was playing and just had a great time. My sister has me hooked now. I really enjoy watching hockey. I had never been to a game until last December when we went to see the Utah Grizzlies play. It's awesome and so now I look forward to watching USA's hockey team play in the Olympics more than before.

My friend, Jamie Fitzgerald, took these beautiful pictures of Rafe and Finn for practice and she did a FANTASTIC job!!